History of the EGP BARTALIS GMBH

Mr. Tamás József Bartalis, founder of the company EGP Bartalis GmbH, acquired at the beginning of the 1980ies a degree in Economics, specialized in foreign trade, in Budapest the capital of Hungary.
His first and last work as a merchant in foreign trade in his native Hungary was the company Lignimpex - the monopoly company for paper, wood and oil products. His job was to promote Hungarian paper and printing products in Germany, East Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.
Because of political conflicts with supervisors and senior officials of the Communist Party, he had to leave Hungary in the year 1988th

After his naturalization in Hamburg in 1989 and the related issue of the work permit,  Mr Bartalis used his existing business contacts from the Lignimpex-time. He did different jobs in paper trading companies, first in Wiesbaden / Hanau and then in Buhl / Baden.


In 1992 he started as a freelancer, first as a sales representative for a small trading company, later for the "EGP GmbH - a purchasing company fpr graphical papers" in Baden-Baden which was founded by a printing company.

2002 was the big year. The desire to be able to act fully independent has been realized. The EGP Bartalis GmbH was founded, initially with two employees and an annual volume of 5,000 tonnes.
During this time, EGP was specialized in B-business  (sideruns, excess quantities and  rewinded paper).

In 2008 EGP had four employees and was mainly active in the markets of Germany, France and the Benelux countries with a total of approximately 22,000 tons of paper; exclusively in the B-business. Due to the good cooperation with suppliers and customers close cooperation with the various market participants were made.

In 2012, B-quality volumes reduced drastically due to restructuring in the paper industry and the closure of factories. EGP was able to use the trust gained from  customers and suppliers to build another pillar with the 1A-business.
The strategic development of the 1A-business conducted to a pleasing growth during the year 2013.

In 2015, a total of 10 employees work for the EGP group with a subcompany in Belgium. EGP is known as a reliable partner of the paper manufacturers and printing plants in many countries of Europe.


The trend of the recent years can be found in the following diagram.

We hope very much that we can prove our positive attitudes, helpfulness, speed and reliability still in the future and to assist our partners professionally in the daily challenges of the printing market.